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​​​​​On Wednesday March 16th 2016, our president Nana Keita visited a local orphanage in her hometown Bamako in Mali, during which she made a personal donation to the facilities to help them further take care of the 218 orphans currently under their care.

The visit was full of emotions and overall a satisfaction as the children seemingly are being well cared for in a clean and overall safe environment. There still are some improvements needed such as playgrounds, and more donations in food, medication, diapers, and toys, since the government only contributes to 20% of the orphanage annual budget to run itself. We are very much looking forward to our next visit, and excited about further giving our love and assistance to these wonderful children.


​​"It was such a great honor to visit these beautiful angels on behalf of the foundation. I want to thank the entire staff for their warm welcome, and most importantly for a job well done. It was quite an unforgettable and humbling experience for me, and I truly cannot wait to visit again soon."   Nana Keita

In January 2017 during her last trip to her hometown of Bamako, Mali, our CEO Nana Keita also paid a visit to the youth at the UMAV (Malian Union for the Blind). She met with Mr Berthe who is in charge of the sports center designed to teach blind, and visually impaired kids, sports such as soccer. Mr Berthe is doing an incredible job running the center despite facing many obstacles such as lack of material and financial aids to properly train the youth. He touched several issues such as locker room, equipment room, and white canes. They also don't have enough means to pay for extra trainers and find themselves turning down many blind and visually impaired kids who want to join the center.

"I am very happy to be back to see my little friends. I want to thank everyone here for their warm welcome to me and the foundation, and most importantly for the wonderful job they are doing taking care of the children. I am optimistic of the future of the children at the orphanage, but there are still a lot to improve since the government doesn't help much and the structure almost depends solely on donations such as ours. Regardless of how much we donate these angels still need food, medicines, clothing, toys, playgrounds, etc... We will do our very best to resolve those problems in a near future."   Nana Keita

On January 4th and 5th 2017, during visits to the local orphanage La Pouponniere, our president and founder Nana Keita was once again overall satisfied of the treatments and care given to the children. She acknowledged and thanked the staff's tidiness and dedication.

A big donation from the Circle Of Joy Foundation, including used clothing and toys provided by some of our wonderful friends in New York, and boxes of milk and cereals provided by Nana Keita herself, was received by both the president and vice president of the orphanage.